Say “goodbye” to manually entering books to Shopify bookstore


Import books in bulk

Just introduce as many ISBNs as you need to import books as products into your Shopify bookstore.

Set book to product mapping

Customize the product with book details: add author into the title, set publisher as product type, and much more.


Update inventory

Update your inventory - everything or customize.

Import books using POS scanner

Use the app's barcode scanner integrated into Shopify POS to create book products from physical books.


Why booksellers like ISBNExpress?

Jay's House Bookshop & Bakery

"This app has changed how I operate my store and I absolutely love using it. Sometimes, I do have to go in and make minor edits to the product descriptions that are automatically pulled in but overall, this saves me SO much time from manually inputting all book details. I especially love that I can import multiple books at once."

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